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German Roach Control Program

Intense, high tech baiting program to eliminate or control German Roaches.

  • 1 hour
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Service Description

Guardian has a very successful program for dealing with Blattella Germanica, or the German Cock Roach. This program requires a $199.95 initial service fee, which covers thorough application of dusts, flushing agents (if needed), premium bait and growth regulators to attack these very tough and numerous pests. German Roaches only live indoors with humans and reproduce rapidly, making them a very difficult and persistent foe. They are known to carry disease and can cause asthma among children. Home treatment is not advised. Our Pest Management Professionals are trained to control or eliminate these pests. After the initial service, our technicians will return roughly every two weeks until the infestation is eliminated or becomes controlled to the point where the program can be converted to a regular pest protection plan with lower pricing. The optimal goal is to eliminate the infestation but sometimes due to conditions beyond our control (mainly severe sanitation issues or multi unit structures where the entire building is infested) the best outcome can be a managed approach. This low grade infestation can sometimes be managed with regular pest service and sometimes not. It is generally our goal to eliminate an infestation in 8-10 weeks, if the infestation can be eliminated at all. Only an inspection by one of our technicians can reveal the level of infestation and the exact ability to eliminate or control, as well as the necessary actions on the part of the customer that will allow us to reach that pest free environment regarding the German Roach Infestation.

Contact Details

  • Brevard County, FL, USA


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