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 Rodent Control

Humane, efficient, quick and affordable control and removal of Rats and mice, utilizing the newest in technology and training.

Why you should choose Guardian

We prioritize you.

We understand that being invaded by rats or mice can be extremely upsetting-even scary! That's why we act fast and with urgency when you choose to hire us. We want to the resolve your rodent problem quickly.

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We act humanely.

Rodents don't belong in your home, but they do deserve to be treated humanely. That's why we avoid killing rodents when possible and observe SPCA guidelines when we must. It's our duty 

Repairs done right.

The solution to most rodent problems is to seal them out of your home. We do it with thoroughness, never rushing or using half measures. That's why our repairs come with a 2 year warranty. Quality matters.

We have an edge.

Our edge is the training and technology we use to resolve a rodent infestation without going "Old School". With the latest technology and training, we can clear your home faster, and more cost effectively than ever.


Roof Rats

are by far the most common of the commensal (Living with humans) rodents when it comes to Brevard, Florida. We're surrounded by water and filled with people. We have shallow water tables so the Brown Rat is not common. It's not safe to have rodents in your home, especially Rattus Rattus, or the Roof Rat. They carry disease, they destroy and they eat-pretty much everything. 


Our Process

1. We inspect.

It is critical to do a proper inspection and ascertain precisely what the infestation consists of.  This may include, in addition to physically inspecting your property, use of 24 Hour infrared monitoring cameras, Borescopes and Infrared Cameras for scanning walls and other closed spaces. The cost of this technology for you is much less than you would think. It's not exotic to us to use the most advanced equipment, it's how we do our job.

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2. We seal them out.

After we have identified the points of entry (Or potential points of entry} and established any monitoring presence, we use quality materials to repair and seal those points. This is the key to end your rodent invasion. We do it right, the first time. That's why we have a 2 Year Warranty on our points of repair. IF they get in, we will lock them back out.

3. Smart, Humane Trapping.

Whatever rodents remain behind have to be trapped. We make every effort to do this with them alive but will do what it takes to protect your home. We never use suffocation traps, glue boards and rarely use Rodenticide. If we cannot live trap them we will euthanize them in the most humane trapping method possible. As stewards of our environment,  we have a responsibility to do this. See the section on the problems with Rodenticide.

It's time to go Mr. Rat.


Family Planning for Rats

What is ContraPest?

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Video Channel Name

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Can't we just give the birth control?

Actually, we can. Rodents still need to be excluded from the building and trapped out, but an integral part of the solution is often fertility control. We have that, too.


Rats are smart. 

That's why we use every advantage we have to get the job done right and save you money. With Cellular Cameras we have an edge.

24/7 Monitoring.

We know what's going down every minute of the night when rats are active. This can give us the jump so we can remove live rats or the remains of deceased ones before a malodor can cause mischief.

Fewer Trips saves you money.

Our cameras let us know when bait needs to be refreshed, aremains recovered,prisoners released or traps reset-because we're always watching.

Surprisingly Afordable

One Camera for a month's monitoring is just $99.95 for the first one. That's a heck of a deal to have eyes in your attic watching your invaders while you sleep. It also gives us the data we need to make the right choices to making your home rat free.

We use only the best.



We make every effort to treat rodents with humanity. 


Glue Boards

Glue Boards are not humane and we don't use them for animals. When a rodent gets stuck on a glue board, they will often die of dehydration or will be eaten by another animal or insects. Here is the U.S. Humane Society's take on them. 

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Suffocation Traps

We do not use these. Although they are, ostensibly, snap traps, the truth is that the plastic construction and design is poor at quickly snapping the neck of a rodent and they end up trapped and die of suffocation-hence, the name.

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Drowning Traps

Drowning is sometimes mistaken to be a painless death but it's not peaceful at all. We do not drown Rodents. We don't use traps that drown rodents.

We use only the safest, the most eco-friendly and the highest quality Vendors.

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