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HexPro Termite Protection System


What is HexPro?

HexPro is a complete in-ground termite baiting system that combines a termite monitoring station (Hex Pro Termite Bait Station) with a termite bait toxicant (Shatter Termite Bait Cartridges) to kill subterranean termites and their colonies. 

How does it work?

HexPro is a system of small plastic monitoring stations that are placed in the ground on the perimeter of your home.  In it's monitoring phase it encases cellulose sticks that Termites forage for. We inspect these stations regularly and when termite activity shows up, we swap the cellulose for a low toxicity growth regulator that the termite workers take back to their nest and destroy it. It literally works on ounces of chemical, not gallons like other companies use. 


No start up Fee.
$34.95 a month.

The FUTURE of Termite Protection is here for just $34.95 a month.


The HexPro approach uses Spot Treatment plus Baiting for an active infestation and NO pesticide for monitoring. We uses ounces, not gallons of termiticide to protect you as well as the environment


Unlike liquid barriers which get disturbed or even bypassed and don't affect the termites much beyond the ones who contact it, TermiGuard allows us to use smart materials to search and destroy the colony and its queen. eliminating tehe threat to your home at its source.

Warrantied, not Bonded

No Bonds under contract. You can cancel at any time with no problem. As long as your subscription is active, you're covered by our warranty with baiting, spot treatments and up to $25,000 in repair.

Fast Installation

Installation is Fast and Easy. Once we have inspected your home and determined if Termites are present, we can install the HexPro System in as little as an hour-Baited or not baited. No lengthy trenching, down-drilling and soil saturation.


With no installation fee, you can start your HexPro Termite Defense Plan with just $34.95, not hundreds of dollars. There's never a large outlay of money , just one low monthly payment and you're covered.

It's Green

Did we mention this the most green friendly solution to Termites on the market? It is! It's part of our commitment to be Brevard's choice for eco-friendly pest protection

Termites eat homes.

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